Every activity undertaken at this library nurtures the 皇冠8868 community by providing physical and virtual user-centered resources, services, and re搜索 assistance. We help students flourish by 支持ing innovation and by building the information literacy skills they’ll need to achieve success throughout the academic journey and after graduation. 

Beyond the academic 支持 available at the 皇冠8868 图书馆, our team produces events and creates resources which display and celebrate the creativity and diversity of 皇冠8868的社区. 皇冠8868的课程为所有皇冠8868学科提供与行业相关的见解. We provide extensive 支持 to faculty, while welcoming various local and international 研究人员在整个学年. 皇冠8868的专职人员随时为您提供帮助 满足您的任何图书馆需求.  

The library’s website offers comprehensive information about the resources and services 皇冠8868提出. 找不到你想要的信息? 只是 问图书馆! 



  • 登载于, the backfile of Artforum (later Artforum International), the leading magazine for 报道国际当代艺术,从1962年创办到2020年.
    Spanning six decades of reporting on art in all media, Artforum offers features, reviews, and interviews relating to artists, exhibitions, publications, and other art world 事件/趋势.
  • 房子漂亮, the archive of the US edition of 房子漂亮, from its first issue in 1896 to 目前的.
    The oldest still-published US shelter magazine, House Beautiful not only records the history of interior design, but demonstrates how broader social and cultural trends – e.g. 女性的角色、家庭生活、新技术和消费者行为——都发生了变化 在家庭环境中表现了超过125年.
  • CB的见解,  a comprehensive global database of private companies and investors’ activities, including 有关私募股权、风险资本和新兴市场的信息. 工具提供 users with quantitative data and profiles of investment firms, individual investors, 私人公司,估值,以及报告和研究文章. 视图 任何公司的资金、投资者、竞争对手、合作伙伴等等.
  • 时尚业务, launched in 2019,  it provides a global perspective on the fashion industry, exploring how cultural trends and global patterns will impact fashion businesses, and provides information on how new technologies will shape the way products are developed, marketed, 和销售.
  • 试用数据库:
    The library occasionally provides access to some databases that are available for 只有在皇冠8868审查他们作为可能的未来订阅时,才有时间限制. 他们是 在皇冠8868的数据库列表中显示为 "试验数据库”. 
    Each one is available for a different amount of time but may be discontinued at any time without notice; if you use any of these, please be sure to save/download/email yourself the full text of any articles or reports as you may not be able to retrieve 他们后来.
  • Find these--along with all of our other current online subscriptions--on our 数据库 页面

The 图书馆 has reopened to visitors, by appointment (including alumni and re搜索ers (从其他机构),从2023年9月开始,以有限的能力.

Current SUNY students, staff, and faculty may access the 图书馆 whenever we are open 给皇冠8868学生和员工. 您必须向公共安全部门出示当前的纽约州立大学身份证 为了参观图书馆,他在古德曼大厦的大厅里安排了一名警察.

请参阅皇冠8868的 浏览图书馆网页 了解更多信息. 


  • 10月31日星期二,12点-下午2点:闹鬼照片亭 
  • 11月9日星期四,下午12点至2点:MakerMinds Cosplay Workshop 
  • 11月14日星期二上午11点至下午3点:MakerMinds服装和定制 
  • 11月15日,周三,下午5点至6点(虚拟):皇冠8868作者, 
    戴尔芬阅读 化妆品营销:美容行业的战略与创新.

有关这些和其他即将举行的活动的详细信息可在  皇冠8868Link,  和 皇冠8868作者页面.




Now located on the 5th floor of the Goodman Resource Center in the main Reading Room, 图书馆服务台提供:

  • 为学生、教职员工提供信息和研究帮助
  • 打印课程储备 & 数字储备
  • 设备贷款
  • 和更多的

Our new browsing wall, (opposite the 图书馆 服务 Desk) features the latest issues 你最喜欢的杂志. 嘘,别唠叨! 

The complete 期刊 collection featuring even more current magazines, plus back issue位于E409的4楼. 

研究的帮助 is available in person, and also by chat, phone, text, and email. In addition, current students and faculty can request virtual One-on-One 研究 appointments.  问图书馆 显示皇冠8868所有的在线联系方式.

The 皇冠8868 图书馆 can provide in-person library instruction, or re搜索 content for 在线或混合课程使用. 教师服务页面详细介绍了可用的选项 包括:

  • Synchronous (live) or asynchronous online instructional session, ready-made video 教程,定制教程,或为您的班级研究指南. 利用图书馆 指示申请表格,以提出您的要求.  
  • Add a librarian to your Blackboard course shell to participate in discussions or build 图书馆相关内容,请与图书馆联络员联系
  • Assistance on questions about copyright, Fair Use, and related topics as you plan your course as well as access to the Fair Use Evaluator; email Carli Spina ((电子邮件保护)) 获得个性化帮助.
  • Access or create a wide array of Open Educational 资源 (OER) that can easily 整合到你的Blackboard课程中. 查看皇冠8868的指南或给Helen Lane发邮件 ((电子邮件保护))查阅更多资料.
  • 联系 your 图书馆 Liaison to inquire about any other online course or re搜索 支持.

读者可以通过以下方式索取皇冠8868没有的书籍 馆际互借

  • We accept physical item requests and article/book chapter requests from the current 皇冠8868学生、教师和工作人员. 然而,皇冠8868不能接受电子书的请求.
  • Article/book chapter requests are usually filled within 3 business days, but may take 长.
  • 实物物品通常需要一周才能到达,但可能会出现运输延误.
  • Requested 馆际互借 items can be picked up at the 图书馆 服务 Desk.
  • 请参阅皇冠8868的 有关如何请求文章的更多信息,请访问常见问题解答.
  • 有关ILL的问题 给馆际互借单位发邮件.

任命 to view SPARC materials are currently available for 皇冠8868 faculty, 皇冠8868 研究生、皇冠8868博物馆工作人员和外部研究人员. 请参阅SPARC 访问 网页查询详情